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Genji is one of the last of his species: an Entin. The Entin are rapidly reproducing caterpillars with a high libido and no sense of limitation. Any planet the Entin visit, they leave ravaged in their wake. They have been labeled a pest in need of extermination for eating entire continents worth of crops and terrorizing the local populace with late night techno raves. As a result, their kind has been bugsprayed to the brink of extinction.

Trying to better their ways, the remaining Entin have created the Order of Popae Monks on the fungi moon Pulvan. Fasting heavily they devote everything to their beloved deity: The Grand Space Butterfly!

Genji sinned with snacks and dirty literature however, and after repeated solitary cocoonfinements failed to make him better his ways, he was sent out on an emergency soul-cleansing pilgrimage through the galaxy.

Joining the Awesomenauts to cut back on the traveling costs of his journey, Genji has been the scourge of many a ship's pantry and is rumored to be the main reason some of the smaller more edible-looking 'naut recruits have gone missing.


Voice actor: Jesse Cox








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Default skin.


Genji the Grey.


Kage Genji.

Skin Information[]

Kage Genji[]

CharacterRender kage genji

From the land of wind, fire, water, lightning and earth comes Kage Genji. Defending the village of the Hidden Cocoon from all forces that would oppose it, Kage Genji holds the highest religious rank an Entin disciple can attain. Are you a weary traveler looking for spiritual guidance? Then turn your clouded gaze to Kage Genji! - Official Steam Store description.

This skin gives Genji a kimono, a chinese straw hat and a praying beads necklace. His butterfly staffis replaced by a bamboo one as well.

Genji the Grey[]


Genji the Grey wizard is not some conjurer of cheap tricks. He's a trusty companion for any questing party in need of his wisdom or his crafty smoke rings! Are you in need of some fireballs, wisdom and balrog smiting? Look no further than Genji the Grey! - Official Steam Store description.

This skin is obviously based on Gandalf the Grey from The Lord of the Rings novel and, as such, gives Genji the vests of a wizard, completed with a wizard hat with a butterfly-shaped buckle on it. The tip of his staff is a glowing crystal.

Although it's based on Gandalf there some other (possible) references to other media: Genji carries a giant scroll on his back, much like League of Legends' Ryze, while his beard is similar to Dumbledore, from the movie version of Harry Potter.

Awesomenaut Showcase[]


  • Genji's worship of the "Grand Space Butterfly" is based on Jesse Cox's mock deity, the Space Butterfly.