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This build is OUTDATED. This means you will have to improvise to make it work. Builds are outdated when Power Pills (or Free Pills) are included in the strategy. Free Pills have been removed from the game because players stacked the pills with Power Pills Turbo.

(Still busy!) Hi I'm Ziflock, I'm a frequent awesomenauts player and I'm usually around league 2-3,  I've used this wiki for a while now but I thought it's time I make a build since although I don't like to boast but I do pretty well with this build. The purpose of this build is to harass the enemy while shielding your teammates during ganks. You may find the upgrades and purchase order not to your liking but I do well with them and I will explain the need for all of them below. I aim to keep this build up to date each time a patch is released.

Recommended Loadout[]

Purchase Order[]

Start the game off by getting piggy bank, power pills, solar tree and two levels of storm drum on the wand which you should be able to get if you did fairly well on the drop. You want to then aim to getting the final level of storm drum which you should be able to get pretty early. Once storm drum is maxed get cocoon and then aim to get both levels of lifesteal then get the damage over time on the wand as this adds even more damage to the storm. Next either get some slow or buy your shield the latter being the one I most recommend.

Once you have shield you want to get both levels of hidden leaves as soon as you can. Next I would say get the max health on shield (both levels) and then finish off the nebula dust. You need to remember to get the misfortune cookies on the cocoon and I would say get them around this time or earlier because the first stage does not deduct much damage no but it does do a lot once the second stage has been purchased even if their health is fairly low it still makes them easier to kill. Notice I never mentioned the wool shawl and this is because it can be purchased at a number of times since its more for adapting to how the match is going, I myself find it fairly easy to tell when range is required. I would say buy it around mid-game as it allows you to hit people and turrets at a safer distance plus it's also good for getting the last few hits on someone as they runaway as well as defending. Now once last thing to note I changed a part of my monarch blessing build today since I realised the speed up only increases movement speed not all around speed like Yuri's time warp upgrade so I put on Kremzon calendar since if you can shield allies more you can gank and survive easier and more often but I have yet to actually try it so I will update this build as soon as I'm sure on when it should be purchased but for now I would suspect mid to late game so sorry for that.

Play Style and Tips[]

So, now to explain how to play the build. When I'm playing Genji theres something that I do often and if you know when to do it then it can help win a game, adapt. Knowing when to adapt is crucial to winning games especially in the higher leagues, although I use these upgrades I don't always follow the purchase order word by word because it can often lead to losing a game if your not careful. For example I purchase monarch blessing at a range of different times since the money can be used for more crucial upgrades but at some point (it may be early or fairly late in the game) I can see when my teammates need the shield to help them, I can see when they need certain upgrades on the shield like if they need that movement speed to get away or if they need a bit more health to finish a kill without dying then I buy those upgrades. I do this with the other ability lines too to make sure I'm on top of what's happening.

But enough about adaptation on to the upgrade paths themselves. Now some of you or in fact many of you may say free health pills? First of all I don't use paid health on any character not counting one or two I don't play which would definitley need it e.g. Skolldir or Froggy G. In my experience you don't need more health than the free pills give you because with this build your not going to be dying too much, your staying back and shooting them with storm/range and cocooning them when necessary as well as shielding your allies. The piggy bank and solar tree allow you to get more money throughout the game plus you can still get two levels of storm drum (I'm thinking this will get a price increase since it's pretty OP) at the beginning and this allows you to push them back into hiding behind the turret plus you can deny areas with the storm and when you get level three they become even more scared of it and will probably start staying back because they know you will fire it. Sorry this is going to be a fairly big build but compared to other builds out there its not the biggest by any stretch of the imagination, now the cocoon and lifesteal is essential in my opinion because as a support and someone who is constantly pushing the enemy back you do not want to leave the lane's often so lifesteal gives you a decent amount of health while allowing you to stay on the lane with allies which reinforces your role as a support. The damage over time can be bought before lifesteal or after (I usually do before but I would recommend it after since it all comes down to adaptation).

Hidden leaves (with both levels) is a very good upgrade because once maxed it halves all damage taken and that is a huge amount and it means its much harder for someone or something to kill you, now I sometimes get both levels of max health before this because I play the game with someone who more or less always goes Froggy so I know that the more health he has the better. You might be playing someone like clunk who is fine with health since he can get it all back in seconds. Nebula dust is an incredibly useful upgrade but not for yourself it's main purpose is to make ganks much easier although I suppose it makes it even easier to escape from someone so fire that slow cocoon in just before or after your teammate has used all his abilities since if its before you can hit him with everything you've got once he's out and if its after your abilities will have cooled down or be much closer to doing so. Misfortune cookies are vital mid to late game because they deal a lot of damage to higher health enemies (once the second level is purchased of course since the first is pretty bad) and it means you can annoy them since you can make them lose a large amount of health once they come back with full health, it also means the enemy is weaker and easier to kill. The shawl is great since it makes it a lot easier and safer to storm people and hit droids. Lastly as I have said I'm not sure about the Kremzon Calendar since I only added it to my build today so I will update as soon as I'm sure about it but it's cooldown so that means you can get the shield off more which in turn increases allies survivability.

--Ziflock (talk) 14:01, March 18, 2013 (UTC)