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This is just about cool ways I've seen played and have thought about in Awesomenauts. First off is Derpl with grid traps EVERYWERE. All upgrades for right click set to grid trap and with kitten upgrades, and some nice mech boots borrowed from Coco, this set of upgrades, if played right, is deadly.

Next up is open Leon, this Leon uses cloak merely for the dummy and rellys on damage from blade, tounge and his health reserves. This Leon does lots of damage and has good health to back him up and in general is not stealthy at all. I don't know much


about this style as I have only seen it done well by one person who I forgot their username but darn were they good.

Derpl Zork Weapon-6

Next is speed kitten Derpl. Now, this play style is merely theoretical as I have not tried it, and don't know of anyone who has tryed it, but it focuses on giving Derpl as many kittens on as many directions as fast as possible while having Derpl be as fast as possible and have a good chunk of health. Now, I haven't tried this style out but I was going to play it as a harraser just taking people's health away and forcing them to go get health a bit like Coco.

That's all I have for now, let me know what you think and your play styles in the comments below!