Awesomenauts Wiki

Playstation 3[]

General controls ingame:

Button Action
Left Analog Stick Movement
Cross (X) Jump
Square (□) Auto attack
Circle (O) Ability 1
Triangle (△) Ability 2
R1 Teleport
L1 View commands
Up arrow Use taunt command
Down arrow Use help command
Right arrow Use attack command
Left arrow Use defend command
Awesomenauts PS3 controls

Xbox 360[]

General controls ingame:

Button Action
Left Analog Stick Move
A Jump
B Ability 1
X Attack, Open Shop
Y Ability 2
Left Bumper Show D-Pad Commands
Right Bumper Teleport
D-Pad Up Taunt
D-Pad Down Call for Help
D-Pad Left Call to Defend
D-Pad Right Call to Attack
Start Pause Menu
Back Scoreboard


General controls ingame:

Note: All keys are rebindable and can be changed by pressing the keyboard button to the left of your username in a game lobby.

Patch 1.23 introduced twin-stick controls to the Steam version of Awesomenauts, allowing players to bind movement and aiming to separate sticks, enabling them to shoot while walking backwards. This control scheme is planned to be featured on the incoming Playstation 4 version as well.

Button Action
D, A (Q) Move
W (Z) or Space Jump
Right mouse click Ability 1
Left mouse click Attack, Open Shop
Scroll click Ability 2
/ Show D-Pad Commands
F Teleport
1 Taunt
2 Call for Help
3 Call to Defend
4 Call to Attack
Esc Pause Menu
Tab Scoreboard