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The aim of the community matchup tier list is to provide a platform for community discussion on specific 1v1 naut matchups, and a repository of information on playing these matchups.

Tier List[]

There is no tier list yet, so I'll list the nauts in alphabetical order for now. The aim is to 'score' each of a nauts matchups, combine this with a 'teamplay' score to produce an overall score, and rank the nauts based on scores (with similar scoring nauts in the same tier).

Admiral Swiggins



Coco Nebulon

Derpl Zork

Froggy G

Genji the Pollen Prophet


Leon Chameleon


Sheriff Lonestar


Vinnie & Spike

Voltar the Omniscient



This is where links to the matchup pages will go. A matchup rating of 5 means that the matchup is even. A high matchup rating of 8 or 9 means it's highly skewed for the naut whose perspective it is from, and conversely 1 or 2 is highly skewed against the subject naut (each matchup needs a page from both perspectives, just for evenness). Matchup pages should explain the pros and cons of each ability against the other naut, and the main naut's tools for avoiding or negating the abilities of the other naut. In the future we may have more data from tournaments for % outcomes based on data, but for now we will have to test the wind..!

There should also be self matchup pages, but clearly the score isn't relevant (how can it not be even? only on taking different upgrades), these would be simply focused on playing the matchup, not ranking the character.

Need Work:

Admiral Swiggins:

Matchup: Admiral Swiggins vs. Ayla

Matchup: Admiral Swiggins vs. Admiral Swiggins

Matchup: Admiral Swiggins vs. Clunk

Matchup: Admiral Swiggins vs. Coco Nebulon

Matchup: Admiral Swiggins vs. Derpl Zork

Matchup: Admiral Swiggins vs. Froggy G

Matchup: Admiral Swiggins vs. Genji

Matchup: Admiral Swiggins vs. Gnaw

Matchup: Admiral Swiggins vs. Leon Chameleon

Matchup: Admiral Swiggins vs. Raelynn

Matchup: Admiral Swiggins vs. Sheriff Lonestar

Matchup: Admiral Swiggins vs. Skølldir

Matchup: Admiral Swiggins vs. Vinnie & Spike

Matchup: Admiral Swiggins vs. Voltar the Omniscient

Matchup: Admiral Swiggins vs. Yuri


Matchup: Ayla vs. Admiral Swiggins

Matchup: Ayla vs. Ayla

Matchup: Ayla vs. Clunk

Matchup: Ayla vs. Coco Nebulon

Matchup: Ayla vs. Derpl Zork

Matchup: Ayla vs. Froggy G

Matchup: Ayla vs. Genji

Matchup: Ayla vs. Gnaw

Matchup: Ayla vs. Leon Chameleon

Matchup: Ayla vs. Sheriff Lonestar

Matchup: Ayla vs. Skølldir

Matchup: Ayla vs. Vinnie & Spike

Matchup: Ayla vs. Voltar

Matchup: Ayla vs. Yuri


Matchup: Clunk vs. Admiral Swiggins

Matchup: Clunk vs. Ayla

Matchup: Clunk vs. Clunk

Matchup: Clunk vs. Coco Nebulon

Matchup: Clunk vs. Derpl Zork

Matchup: Clunk vs. Froggy G

Matchup: Clunk vs. Genji

Matchup: Clunk vs. Gnaw

Matchup: Clunk vs. Leon Chameleon

Matchup: Clunk vs. Raelynn

Matchup: Clunk vs. Sheriff Lonestar

Matchup: Clunk vs. Skølldir

Matchup: Clunk vs. Vinnie & Spike

Matchup: Clunk vs. Voltar

Matchup: Clunk vs. Yuri

Coco Nebulon:

Matchup: Coco Nebulon vs. Admiral Swiggins

Matchup: Coco Nebulon vs. Ayla

Matchup: Coco Nebulon vs. Clunk

Matchup: Coco Nebulon vs. Coco Nebulon

Matchup: Coco Nebulon vs. Derpl Zork

Matchup: Coco Nebulon vs. Froggy G

Matchup: Coco Nebulon vs. Genji

Matchup: Coco Nebulon vs. Gnaw

Matchup: Coco Nebulon vs. Leon Chameleon

Matchup: Coco Nebulon vs. Raelynn

Matchup: Coco Nebulon vs. Sheriff Lonestar

Matchup: Coco Nebulon vs. Skølldir

Matchup: Coco Nebulon vs. Vinnie & Spike

Matchup: Coco Nebulon vs. Voltar

Matchup: Coco Nebulon vs. Yuri

Derpl Zork:

Derpl Zork vs. Admiral Swiggins

Derpl Zork vs. Ayla

Derpl Zork vs. Clunk

Derpl Zork vs. Coco Nebulon

Derpl Zork vs. Derpl Zork

Derpl Zork vs. Froggy G

Derpl Zork vs. Genji

Derpl Zork vs. Gnaw

Derpl Zork vs. Leon Chameleon

Derpl Zork vs. Raelynn

Derpl Zork vs. Sheriff Lonestar

Derpl Zork vs. Skølldir

Derpl Zork vs. Vinnie & Spike

Derpl Zork vs. Voltar

Derpl Zork vs. Yuri

Froggy G:

Froggy G vs. Admiral Swiggins

Froggy G vs. Ayla

Froggy G vs. Clunk

Froggy G vs. Coco Nebulon

Froggy G vs. Derpl Zork

Froggy G vs. Froggy G

Froggy G vs. Genji

Froggy G vs. Gnaw

Froggy G vs. Leon Chameleon

Froggy G vs. Raelynn

Froggy G vs. Sheriff Lonestar

Froggy G vs. Skølldir

Froggy G vs. Vinnie & Spike

Froggy G vs. Voltar

Froggy G vs. Yuri


Genji vs. Admiral Swiggins

Genji vs. Ayla

Genji vs. Clunk

Genji vs. Coco Nebulon

Genji vs. Derpl Zork

Genji vs. Froggy G

Genji vs. Genji

Genji vs. Gnaw

Genji vs. Leon Chameleon

Genji vs. Raelynn

Genji vs. Sheriff Lonestar

Genji vs. Skølldir

Genji vs. Vinnie & Spike

Genji vs. Voltar

Genji vs. Yuri


Gnaw vs. Admiral Swiggins

Gnaw vs. Ayla

Gnaw vs. Clunk

Gnaw vs. Coco Nebulon

Gnaw vs. Derpl Zork

Gnaw vs. Froggy G

Gnaw vs. Genji

Gnaw vs. Gnaw

Gnaw vs. Leon Chameleon

Gnaw vs. Raelynn

Gnaw vs. Sheriff Lonestar

Gnaw vs. Skølldir

Gnaw vs. Vinnie & Spike

Gnaw vs. Voltar

Gnaw vs. Yuri

Leon Chameleon:

Leon Chameleon vs. Admiral Swiggins

Leon Chameleon vs. Ayla

Leon Chameleon vs. Clunk

Leon Chameleon vs. Coco Nebulon

Leon Chameleon vs. Derpl Zork

Leon Chameleon vs. Froggy G

Leon Chameleon vs. Genji

Leon Chameleon vs. Gnaw

Leon Chameleon vs. Leon Chameleon

Leon Chameleon vs. Raelynn

Leon Chameleon vs. Sheriff Lonestar

Leon Chameleon vs. Skølldir

Leon Chameleon vs. Vinnie & Spike

Leon Chameleon vs. Voltar

Leon Chameleon vs. Yuri


Raelynn vs. Admiral Swiggins

Raelynn vs. Ayla

Raelynn vs. Clunk

Raelynn vs. Coco Nebulon

Raelynn vs. Derpl Zork

Raelynn vs. Froggy G

Raelynn vs. Genji

Raelynn vs. Gnaw

Raelynn vs. Leon Chameleon

Raelynn vs. Raelynn

Raelynn vs. Sheriff Lonestar

Raelynn vs. Skølldir

Raelynn vs. Vinnie & Spike

Raelynn vs. Voltar

Raelynn vs. Yuri

Sheriff Lonestar:

Sheriff Lonestar vs. Admiral Swiggins

Sheriff Lonestar vs. Ayla

Sheriff Lonestar vs. Clunk

Sheriff Lonestar vs. Coco Nebulon

Sheriff Lonestar vs. Derpl Zork

Sheriff Lonestar vs. Froggy G

Sheriff Lonestar vs. Genji

Sheriff Lonestar vs. Gnaw

Sheriff Lonestar vs. Leon Chameleon

Sheriff Lonestar vs. Raelynn

Sheriff Lonestar vs. Sheriff Lonestar

Sheriff Lonestar vs. Skølldir

Sheriff Lonestar vs. Vinnie & Spike

Sheriff Lonestar vs. Voltar

Sheriff Lonestar vs. Yuri


Skølldir vs. Admiral Swiggins

Skølldir vs. Ayla

Skølldir vs. Clunk

Skølldir vs. Coco Nebulon

Skølldir vs. Derpl Zork

Skølldir vs. Froggy G

Skølldir vs. Genji

Skølldir vs. Gnaw

Skølldir vs. Leon Chameleon

Skølldir vs. Raelynn

Skølldir vs. Sheriff Lonestar

Skølldir vs. Skølldir

Skølldir vs. Vinnie & Spike

Skølldir vs. Voltar

Skølldir vs. Yuri

Vinnie & Spike:

Vinne & Spike vs. Admiral Swiggins

Vinne & Spike vs. Ayla

Vinne & Spike vs. Clunk

Vinne & Spike vs. Coco Nebulon

Vinne & Spike vs. Derpl Zork

Vinne & Spike vs. Froggy G

Vinne & Spike vs. Genji

Vinne & Spike vs. Gnaw

Vinne & Spike vs. Leon Chameleon

Vinne & Spike vs. Raelynn

Vinne & Spike vs. Sheriff Lonestar

Vinne & Spike vs. Skølldir

Vinne & Spike vs. Vinnie & Spike

Vinne & Spike vs. Voltar

Vinne & Spike vs. Yuri


Voltar vs. Admiral Swiggins

Voltar vs. Ayla

Voltar vs. Clunk

Voltar vs. Coco Nebulon

Voltar vs. Derpl Zork

Voltar vs. Froggy G

Voltar vs. Genji

Voltar vs. Gnaw

Voltar vs. Leon Chameleon

Voltar vs. Raelynn

Voltar vs. Sheriff Lonestar

Voltar vs. Skølldir

Voltar vs. Vinnie & Spike

Voltar vs. Voltar

Voltar vs. Yuri


Yuri vs. Admiral Swiggins

Yuri vs. Ayla

Yuri vs. Clunk

Yuri vs. Coco Nebulon

Yuri vs. Derpl Zork

Yuri vs. Froggy G

Yuri vs. Genji

Yuri vs. Gnaw

Yuri vs. Leon Chameleon

Yuri vs. Raelynn

Yuri vs. Sheriff Lonestar

Yuri vs. Skølldir

Yuri vs. Vinnie & Spike

Yuri vs. Voltar

Yuri vs. Yuri



Matchup: Ayla vs. Raelynn