Awesomenauts Wiki

This build is more about missiles and spam no damage to itself explodes instead of high-risk high reward explodes.

Recommended Loadout[]

Quick 'n Cleaner/Medical Pump , Screamer engine and The Suckanator Power 9000

Titanium Hard Hat, Grease Lightining Snail and Reactor Cooler

Free Flight Fins, Salvo Value Pack and one optional to your taste

Power Pills/ Free Pills, Med'I'Can and Boots

Purchase Order[]

Free Pills, both hard hat levels and then you choose depending of the match. Give priority to missiles since it will be your primary weapon instead of the Explode. On mid game get reactor cooler to start the explode festival.

Play Style and Tips[]

This build is more about sustained fire than the most usual Burst damage Clunk. After you upgrade both levels ofHard Hat explode will stop to cause damage to itself so you can spam it around without fear to kill yourself or lose precious  health. Reactor Cooler will help you on the spam part. You can trade Grease lightining for +damage if you want a more versatile build or think that it will be useful, but then you'll need to aim better dat explosions.

Since you will not cause damage to itself you can focus on upgrade missiles instead of bite and use med'I'can to heal yourself back. Bite+esnare will be enough for you. If you prefer free pills instead power pills you can use medical pump to extend your life. 

After you upgraded the missiles you'll be causing a really good sustained damage and will be using the explode to finish them without punishing yourself on the process.