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Brawlers are 'nauts who are adept at dueling and chasing. They usually have tools at their disposal that can greatly damage or incapacitate their enemies to swing fights in their favor. They also tend to have some sort of chasing tool, either by making it harder for the enemy to escape or closing the gap themselves.

Working alone, brawlers can be used to fight people who isolate themselves in a different lane (such as split pushers), killing them or forcing them to retreat and chasing right afterwards (with regard to their own safety first, of course).

In a team environment, a brawler's function is usually that of disrupting an enemy's initiation or initiating on the enemy team themselves. They also finish off any survivors by using their chasing abilities.

Common brawler traits[]

  • Gap closing/chasing tool.
  • Disruption (crowd control).
  • High consistent damage.
  • More effective at close range.
  • Strong duelist.

Traditional brawlers[]

Currently, the game considers three 'nauts as brawlers: Ayla, Froggy G and Skølldir. They all have tools that allow them to turn the tables on their opponents, disrupt and/or chase them and some form of sustained damage.

Ayla specializes in turning fights in her favor and chasing, as the power of her Evil Eye is directly tied to how low her health is, while Rage can steal health while damaging enemy targets at the same time, even allowing for chase depending on the chosen loadout.

Froggy G can deal high amounts of damage with tornado or Thorn Fish, while his dash can serve as a disrupting, chasing or even escaping tool.

With several forms of crowd control and high damage upgrades at his disposal, Skølldir can severely disrupt and injure anyone who approaches him, being even able to chase with his unique boots.

Other brawlers[]

Although brawlers will always be the best at their own job, many other 'nauts can focus on dueling and chasing with specific loadouts. Lonestar's dynamites are an example of a tool that can be used for dueling.