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Playing As:[]

  • Boots will increase movement speed as well as jump height, allowing Ayla to reach some platforms that were previously too high in a single jump.
  • Evil Eye becomes more powerful as Ayla's health drops. This ability's icon will change to reflect this at the corresponding damage thresholds, as seen below:
Evil eye stages

The stages of Evil Eye.

  • Evil Eye damages turrets. If no enemies are nearby, it might be a good idea to use it against them.
  • Be careful of enemies that may try and ambush you when you are low on health before you can use your Evil Eye.
  • Activating Rage disables Evil Eye and Chain Whack. They'll reactivate once Rage is cancelled.
  • It is possible to kill yourself using Rage. Be careful and keep an eye on your health bar!
  • Activating Rage isn't enough! You must press the jump button to fly.
  • If Rage is the focus of your build, it might be a good idea to use Evil Eye as an opener purely for its slowing effect, as it makes chasing targets with Rage easier. Biter Mask makes this even more effective.
  • Save Rage for when the enemies' high burst abilities are on cooldown.
  • Don't rely on Rage's lifestealing effect to tank turrets.
  • Rage goes through terrain. Use this to kill unsuspecting enemies at low health, to kill creeps, and to damage enemies from a safe distance.
  • With proper upgrades, Chain Whack can play a supporting role in a Rage-focused build, helping Ayla increase or regain lost health. Hungry Zurian, Sonic Listening Device and Prison Guard Keys are examples of such upgrades.
  • Ayla can use Sonic Listening Device, attack a creep without killing it and allowing an ally to deal the killing blow, so he gets increased health. Be careful, however, as an enemy may steal the creep and get the health bonus as well!

Playing Against:[]

  • Ayla is considered a Brawler. A one on one fight against her will likely end in her favor. Go as a team instead.
  • Similarly to Coco, Ayla has some inertia when moving around, specially during rage. Watch where she's going and go the opposite way. You may spend a few seconds into her bubble, but she'll have a harder time adjusting her movement and resuming her chase, giving you an opportunity to flee.
  • Ayla may have no collision when Rage is active, but she can still be hit by bull, mines, tongue and other projectiles normally.
  • Be very careful when approaching a low health Ayla, specially if she has purchased Toothbrush Shank and/or Dummy Prisoner. Evil Eye deals high damage, slows the target and is a fast-moving projectile.
  • Silence is a very powerful tool against Ayla. Many of them will try to get low on health to finish you off with a more powerful Evil Eye. Silence prevents that.
  • Save your burst damage to kill Ayla instead of damaging her. If she has enough health to survive your abilities, she'll likely be low enough for a powerful Evil Eye.