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Aiguillon is the fourth map of the game, introduced in Patch 1.17. It is exclusive to the steam version of the game.


Legend tells the story of a giant cranky porcupine that wandered through space. Furious at the sun for burning his eyes, he charged and killed both the light and himself

His prickly remains now orbit the dead sun and gave home to the Kremzon, a crude and devious species that spend most of their time in bustling cabarets and smokey cafés. Aiguillon's thorny rings conceal a mythical temple, rumored to hold the power of invisibility.

Drop pod path[]


Drop pod path (Aiguillon)-0

Stealth Orb[]


Aiguillon has a special pickup called the Stealth Orb. It grants 30 seconds Invisibility to any 'naut that touches it, and respawns after one minute. The Orb appears shortly after a match begins, and will remain there until it is picked up.

Hide Areas[]

There is a large Hide Area on the top of the map, which also contains a Healthpack inside. The outer Turrets in the bottom lane also have a hide area in front of them. Another hide area is present in the bottom of the map, which contains two Creeps. Both teams have a large hide area behind their respective team walls.

Critter Areas[]

Solar Crab Creep

There are 8 Creeps on the map. One is behind the team wall for both teams, two are in front of each team wall, and two are in the bottom Hide Area. They drop a small Healthpack that restores 30 Health, and 3 Solar.

Tips and Tricks[]

  • The Kremzon statue in the background of the stealth orb chamber will open its eyes when there are 'nauts inside the room, even if they are stealthed.
  • The outer turrets in the bottom lane will shoot at enemy 'nauts even if they are within the Hide Areas right in front of them.
  • Picking up the Stealth Orb cannot give the Pinot Noir effect to Leon, but it can activate the Surprise Party Mask.
  • A loud sound is played when the Stealth Orb respawns.


  • Aiguillon is the homeworld of Leon's race, the Kremzon, making him one of the few Awesomenauts to fight on his own planet.
  • The neutral creeps on this map are shown in the icon of Solar Krab Burgers upgrade.
  • The stone head statues and hidden areas could be a reference to the Metroid game series, which feature similar looking statues in some of its earlier games.
  • The temple with the eye could also be a reference to Battlestar Galactica, in which the humans discover a algae planet where they come across a temple which holds the secrets to The Eye of Jupiter.
    • The music track released along with the map is also named The Eye of Aiguillon.
  • "Aiguillon" means "sting" in French (Leon's native language).